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Get Involved

FRIENDS is where Canadians come to learn about and share their support for CBC and all Canadian journalism and storytelling.

We fight for Canadian culture and democracy by amplifying the voices of dedicated citizens like you. Stand with us as we stand up for Canada!

We don’t take a cent from industry.
Your support helps us to...
Champion public broadcasting for all Canadians

CBC’s funding must be restored following 30 years of cuts. It must become fully independent of the government. And it must rediscover its public service ethos. Let's make it happen.

Create a fair broadcasting system in Canada

Foreign streaming services like Netflix should collect sales taxes, and they should be required to finance the same amount of Canadian content as their domestic competitors.

Show Ottawa that Canadians put Canadian creators, journalists and the CBC first.

Our research shows that Canadians don’t want tax breaks for American Big Tech corporations that contribute little or nothing to Canadian society or democracy.

Big corporations like Google and Facebook have mountains of cash and friends in high places, but they can't vote. When dedicated citizens lead, politicians eventually follow.

Daniel Bernhard
Executive Director and Spokesperson for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
Stand up with us and fight for our culture and democracy.